Tease and Denied What You Wanted Most

Tease and deny

I am thrilled to be a part of The Playhouse of Domination to tease and deny clients. The Masters and Mistresses are astonishing. The clients are just as remarkable! My very first Playhouse client was intrigued with the idea of being denied any type of pleasure

A man who was so used to being given everything, anything, and anyone, until he met me.

The woman who watched him writhe; physically begging to be groped.

Begging to be touched.

Begging for some attention.

Kneeling below me, he patiently waits for my command. His subspace was extraordinary. To watch him serve and obey like the Princess-pleasing submissive he was, certainly did please Princess Sasha. Tease and denial is always exciting when you watch someone approach the edge of pleasure… Senses are heightened, various levels of sensitivity are reached, and the mind begins to race.

Bondassage is great for all introductory BDSM kinksters.

Another wide array of sensory methods that allow you to relax with a sharp twist of deviancy without a full force Submission/Slave session.

Those who are looking to experience BDSM but need to wet their feet in the waters of a kinky lifestyle, this is for you. Those who want a wicked session, embrace yourself for I have the creativity to give the utmost femdom experience!


Piggies, I highly encourage you to apply! I love to take your money and spend it in your face!

Princess Sasha 💋

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