CBT and Bondage

CBT and Bondage

A man who enjoyed contact sports enjoyed the pain of collision.

A man who enjoyed his tender, fragile balls to become sensitive and discolored. He would squirm and moan and writhe in both pain and pleasure. Ankles bound open and apart to prevent any relief from my deviant plan to scold him for touching himself without permission… Blindfolded and unaware, all he knows is that he’s being punished for a crime he committed.

Bound, restrained, and vulnerable… The hot wax trails solidify and warm his balls… Ballbusting. Testing his limits. The burning pitter patter of the wax accumulates and creates a shell of warmth that will soon bring comfort to his sore testicles…

The tip of his penis is swollen out of arousal. Pink and throbbing. The level of sensitivity has now increased; just in time for a boot message. I graze my boot up his thigh and ever so gently behind his testicles where I apply enough pressure to give him a preview of what this torture is about to consist of…

I shove my boot between his testicles only to watch him gasp in discomfort. I loved his ankles bound and in the air because it limits movement substantially. The more to torture, the happier Princess is…

I gently kick his balls where he was waxed and hearing his gasps and groans excited me… I was so pleased with all that he endured without ever using a safe word–Yellow or Red. I stood over him and watched his face changed as he squirmed and wriggled beneath me. I stepped on his limp dick that was no longer erect due to such punishment. He was able to withstand my crop to his head. My canes to his balls and my long skinny heel inside his penis sent him into subspace… Another Princess pleaser…

Princess Sasha

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