My Journey As A Cross-Dresser: The Hiding Spot

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…I wouldn’t consider my mother to be nosy, but she seemed to be aware of nearly everything that was going on around our home.  For that reason, and the fact that I shared a bedroom with two older brothers made the possibility of keeping my Boots at home out of the question.  I thought and thought about the solution, and the answer came to me the following day as I was riding to pick up my papers.  My daily route included a secluded, wooded area that I rode through to eliminate about a half of a mile of street riding.  In the woods was a very large oak tree that had a pile of old lumber and a sheet of metal that was once a tree house.  I decided to temporarily put the Boots under the sheet metal protected against the sun and the elements.  Before too long that area of the forest became Jessica’s personal dressing room.  I would eventually prance around in spandex hot-pants, nylon stockings and of course my sexy high heeled Boots.  But the first day I left them, I could hardly concentrate at school.  What if someone found them?  I rushed home that first day, and quickly changed, and rode to my destination.  I pulled back the metal covering and there they were…shining bright and calling me to slip them on.  Of course I had no control over my immediate erection and within seconds, I was standing naked from the waist down in my kinky, “Come Fuck Me” Boots.  Almost as quickly as my cock became hard, cum shot everywhere.
I put the Boots back in their place, dressed very quickly and rode to the drop point.  I felt a little silly being 30 minutes early to pick up my papers.  But the down time gave a chance to think.  I was not pleased with the dirty pile of refuse that my Boots were hiding in.  I needed something that would keep them clean.  There was an old drywall bucket with a lid in the garage at home.  I would clean it out and make it my fetish tabernacle.  An old, but firm sheet of plywood soon became Jessica’s stage.  The sound of heels clicking on the wood was riveting.  Life was good for a few months, as Jessica practiced her swish and sway on a daily basis.  Then, one afternoon my heart nearly stopped beating.  The drywall bucket was laying on its side, the old worn out nylons were laying on the ground beside it, but the hot-pants and Boots were gone.  I looked around everywhere for them and after about 15 minutes realized that somebody stole my fetish Boots.  And then something happened that I did not expect.  My cock swelled with blood at the thought that another man was wearing my size 11 shiny Boots.  Maybe I was not the only boy in the world who found Boots to be irresistible.  Maybe a hunter found the stash and grabbed them for his wife….No, he is probably wearing them right now and masturbating load after load.  Yes, that is the story that I am going to believe.
I never did know what happened to my Boots, but I did imagine several scenarios.  While I cannot be sure of any event that I did not observe, I am nearly certain that a perverted grown man, who has a wife and kids, found the Boots, got so aroused that he took them.  They are now in his garage under some old rags and he puts them on and walks like a hooker.  He has a full length mirror in his garage and he looks at himself as he masturbates over and over and over…  Sigh

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My Journey As a Cross-dresser: Boot Addiction

My Journey As a Cross-dresser: Masturbating In Sexy Women Boots

I had absolutely no idea why a pair of high heeled Boots had that much power over me; and I had absolutely no resources available to research this phenomenon.  All that I was certain of was that I was addicted to and completely powerless to the perverse effects of my fetish.  At 15 years old I would have sold my soul to the devil to have a pair of shiny stiletto Boots.  I would have committed to a life of servitude or even given up my first born child for a single night in a sexy pair of shiny Boots.  Yes, I was hooked, like a drug addict and unable to stop. I knew that sooner or later, I would be discovered.  I just could not predict the time or the place.
Well the time was about 4:00 in the afternoon.  It was at Bill’s house down the street from me after school one day.  Bill asked me to get a board game from his sister’s bedroom closet upstairs.  I had every intention of getting the game and returning promptly.  But when I opened the closet door, there on the floor lay the most beautiful, shiny lace up Boots I had ever seen.  I couldn’t help myself… as I put them on, I immediately felt my cock swell followed by a steady stream of warm cum running down my leg…. and then the post-climatic bliss that follows… and then Bill saying “what in the hell are you doing?”  I gave him some lame excuse for my behavior, but I am sure that he didn’t buy my story.  What could I say.  I was a teenage boy wearing a shiny pair of high heeled women’s Boots with a load of sticky cum everywhere.  I left and nothing else was ever said about it again.  But our friendship did begin to wane, and we drifted apart as we attended different high schools by then.
I wish I could say that was the first and last time I was caught in an embarrassing fetish faux pas, but there is much to tell…

To Be Continued        

My Journey As a Cross-dresser: Masturbating In Sexy Women Boots

Fetishes are not quite as unique as fingerprints, in that everyone has a specific type; but they are very widely represented.  Some guys are attracted to panties, nylon stockings, bras, leather, latex, purses, lipstick, perhaps even urine, feces, saliva etc. etc. etc…..anything associated with the carnal desire to elevate themselves to “sexual nirvana”.  Little did I know about these things at 11 years old.  The only thing that I was certain of was that I was drawn like a moth to a flame to high heeled stiletto Boots.  And when I laid my head down at night the object of my desires was in the next bedroom closet where my sister kept her Boots.  The close proximity and the reality of my obsession made for some very anxious and cum filled underwear nights. 
In 1979, there was no internet; the encyclopedia Britannica did not cover such taboo topics and the mainstream talk shows and sitcoms only skirted the boundaries of paraphilia.  (In retrospect, I do believed that many producers knew that subtle interjections of fetish clothing and topics into an otherwise prime-time TV program had profound effects on ratings.  And MTV was founded on such carnal desires.  But that is another topic for another time.)  All I knew in 1979 was that I had a compelling desire to wear the shiny black stiletto Boots that were in a silver box in the bottom of my sister’s closet.  And I longed for the opportunity to have a minute alone with the object of my dreams – Boots!
Initially I did not question a thing.  I just knew that I liked my sister’s Boots and I looked forward to dressing in them and masturbating every chance I could get.  But as I began to apply some reason to the experience, questions that I had no resources to answer began to arise.  I could not ask my parents who were ultra-conservative and very religious; they believed that anything provocative or sexually explicit was decadent and sinful.  I was full of questions, but still committed entirely to the object of my desire – a pair of high heeled Boots. So, I did little thinking of the difficult questions, and simply followed my primal desires of Masturbating in those sexy women’s Boots. 
Can you relate to this?                                 

Mistress “CD” Jessica

Not the best quality, but I looove this pic! A good angle of my legs!

Sissy Husband Wishes To Be A BBC Cocksucker Part: 2

Sissy husband wishes to be a BBC Cocksucker: Part 1

I am back with another blog about my Sissy husband BBC cock lover.

A few weeks ago, I had the sissy husband come in for a “slut training” session. He was dressed in a plaid ultra mini skirt and a lace black bra. He was ready for anything. I grabbed my cock cage and locked his little clitty up. I slapped the slut bitch on his ass and told him to get on his knees. I grabbed the blood red lipstick from the counter behind me and applied the lipstick onto his cock-sucking lips. Then, I pulled out my 9 inch life-like black dildo out of my pants and told him, which his new name is “Slut Lisa” to begin sucking. Oh boy did she suck! Her eagerness kept her mouth locked onto the black dildo.

“That’s it, keep sucking slut!!”, I demanded as she bobbed up and down on my BBC.

“Down further”. I pushed her head further down on the dildo until I heard her gag. “See, that wasn’t too bad was it?”, I snickered. I wanted to get it nice and wet before slamming into his boi pussy. I had Lisa suck my BBC as if she was sucking a golf ball out of a garden hose!! ♥ After sucking for 30 minutes, I was satisfied… for now. My BBC dildo is now dripping with his spit. I told the slut to bend over across the table and pull up her skirt. when she did, i told her to spread her “boi pussy” open for me. I took my latex gloved fingers and insert two of them inside. She was tight. I stretched my fingers open inside her and begin going in and out. The little sissy bitch moan. Next, I took both of my thumbs and spread her cheeks open as I pushed my Big, Black life-like cock inside her tight boi pussy. She moaned and begged for more. Just then, the telephone rang.

“Hello, This is B Domme C”.

” Well hello B Domme C, this is Master Troy”. I smiled

To be continued…

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My Journey As a Cross-dresser: How It All Began

Hello darlings! I want to talk about cross-dressing. First, I will tell you how it all began with me…

Thirty years ago, I was home alone and saw that my sister had a new pair of shiny stiletto boots, in which was calling my name, laying around in the living room. At the time, I already had a very strong fetish for high heel boots ( via looking at dirty magazines) and decided to answer to the teasing shiny boots. I picked them up and began to shake due to the excitement that was arousing from within. I tried them on and zipped them up. “Oh my”, I whispered to myself. I pranced around until my sister arrived. I hurried to put them away. I was hooked. The rest of the day all i could think of was to wear those shiny stiletto boots. I simply could not get enough of them! I counted the days and hours until I could be home alone with the ” shiny boots” again…

According to recent studies, nearly 33% or 1 in 3 american men can be considered crossdressers. They have dressed in some type of women clothing at some point in their life. In addition to this, It should be noted that frequency of cross-dressing does not correlate directly with the intensity of the phenomenon either. There are cross-dressers who dress daily. Some once a week, a month or even a year!

So, I look forward to sharing my story in the blogs coming up! There is much to come because I have lots to say. Until next time, tell me your thoughts!

Mistress ” CD” Jessica