SmotherBox Loser Boy

Good day, smotherbox loser boy! I know you all have been patiently awaiting my return while I have been recovering from my breast lift and augmentation. After a rocky recovery, I have risen from the ashes better and BIGGER than ever! I am anxious to get started on some extreme facesitting!!! I have been waiting too … More SmotherBox Loser Boy

Sissy slave Faggots

While I have been mostly bed-ridden recovering from plastic surgery, my sissy slaves had made sure I was comfortable and cared for. One was there to clean my wounds, tidy up my room, and give my massages. The other slave hosted a few nights cooking for me and running me to my after surgery appointments. I was … More Sissy slave Faggots

CBT and Bondage

A man who enjoyed contact sports enjoyed the pain of collision. A man who enjoyed his tender, fragile balls to become sensitive and discolored. He would squirm and moan and writhe in both pain and pleasure. Ankles bound open and apart to prevent any relief from my deviant plan to scold him for touching himself … More CBT and Bondage