Bull Master Troy



Are you a cucky or have been curious about this lifestyle? Our bulls are available with or without the Mistress. The Bulls are available are booked at least 24 hours prior to your session. In most cases, they may be available the same day you book. Make sure you call ahead to make sure the bull is ready!


What is cuckolding?

As a fetish, cuckolding is a form of mental masochism that mostly involves mental humiliation. In a typical encounter, the woman is with another man while her husband watches. The husband is, of course, aware and willing. This lack of participation, this feeling of being left out, is what many cuckolds fetishists enjoy.

Another aspect of the cuckholding fetish is competition. Some psychosexual theories claim that men will desire their wives more if they’ve just had sex with another man because this allows the men’s sperm to compete. While this theory is not widely accepted, some cuckholding fetishists feel this aspect applies to them.

Cuckhold fetishism can exist along a wide variety of other BDSM-related activities, such as female/male dominance, voyeurism, denial and verbal humiliation. Cuckholding is different from swinging (there is not another woman to have sex with the husband) and threesomes (because the husband doesn’t participate).

Some Cuckies Responses:


” I just emailed my wife and her lover that I’ve started posting these, as instructed… he replied… good boy, wimp. Her reply was “how humiliating that must be, honey. I hope you get the ridicule you deserve”.






“My wife has been fucking other men for the last 4 years. One of the guys she sees at The Playhouse is a rather dominant master. She shared with him some of my fantasies, and here are a few photos from that.  After the first time, he gave her a little “show” by dominating me as she drank a glass of wine and laughed at me.”