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Sissy Husband Wishes To Be A BBC Cocksucker Part: 2

Sissy husband wishes to be a BBC Cocksucker: Part 1

I am back with another blog about my Sissy husband BBC cock lover.

A few weeks ago, I had the sissy husband come in for a “slut training” session. He was dressed in a plaid ultra mini skirt and a lace black bra. He was ready for anything. I grabbed my cock cage and locked his little clitty up. I slapped the slut bitch on his ass and told him to get on his knees. I grabbed the blood red lipstick from the counter behind me and applied the lipstick onto his cock-sucking lips. Then, I pulled out my 9 inch life-like black dildo out of my pants and told him, which his new name is “Slut Lisa” to begin sucking. Oh boy did she suck! Her eagerness kept her mouth locked onto the black dildo.

“That’s it, keep sucking slut!!”, I demanded as she bobbed up and down on my BBC.

“Down further”. I pushed her head further down on the dildo until I heard her gag. “See, that wasn’t too bad was it?”, I snickered. I wanted to get it nice and wet before slamming into his boi pussy. I had Lisa suck my BBC as if she was sucking a golf ball out of a garden hose!! ♥ After sucking for 30 minutes, I was satisfied… for now. My BBC dildo is now dripping with his spit. I told the slut to bend over across the table and pull up her skirt. when she did, i told her to spread her “boi pussy” open for me. I took my latex gloved fingers and insert two of them inside. She was tight. I stretched my fingers open inside her and begin going in and out. The little sissy bitch moan. Next, I took both of my thumbs and spread her cheeks open as I pushed my Big, Black life-like cock inside her tight boi pussy. She moaned and begged for more. Just then, the telephone rang.

“Hello, This is B Domme C”.

” Well hello B Domme C, this is Master Troy”. I smiled

To be continued…

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Sissy Husband Wishes To Be A BBC Cock Sucker!

A little sissy bitch I’ve known for over a year has requested a wish to be a “black owned BBC lover”! He constantly bugs me to no end through emails and text and tribute my time to be called a BBC lover. What’s funny is, he has never sucked a big black cock. Lol. This will be fun transitioning him to be the bitch I want him to be. As an Ebony Butch Domme, I take pride in training sissy husbands to be a refined cock sucker.  Since the holidays are coming up, I will have him perform numerous tasks that will be humiliating, challenging and funny! It will indulge the both of us! My amusement and pleasure and his craving for humiliation and blackmail!

So, stay tune as I bring forth another sissy husband to my wild humiliation tasking and degradation escapades!

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