I Am Your Goddess

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Would you want to feel the overwhelming endorphin rush of true submission? Knowing you are dominated by the beautiful hands of a true Goddess. Ready to mold or destroy you…

You must earn the right to true submission.

You must earn My respect before I will even consider offering my dominance.

Rules to consider before submitting to me:

My time is to never be wasted. 

 I do require sacrifice.

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Sissy Husband Wishes To Be A BBC Cock Sucker!

A little sissy bitch I’ve known for over a year has requested a wish to be a “black owned BBC lover”! He constantly bugs me to no end through emails and text and tribute my time to be called a BBC lover. What’s funny is, he has never sucked a big black cock. Lol. This will be fun transitioning him to be the bitch I want him to be. As an Ebony Butch Domme, I take pride in training sissy husbands to be a refined cock sucker.  Since the holidays are coming up, I will have him perform numerous tasks that will be humiliating, challenging and funny! It will indulge the both of us! My amusement and pleasure and his craving for humiliation and blackmail!

So, stay tune as I bring forth another sissy husband to my wild humiliation tasking and degradation escapades!

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