Sink Deeper Into Submission

Have you ever experienced total loss of control? I mean- TOTAL LOSS of control. Where you lose all of your senses and sense of self?. If you have ever wanted to relinquish that control, who would it be to? To Me?…

The answer to the above questions, of course, should be a resounding YES MISTRESS! It should make the butterflies in your stomach take flight and your heart throb..

Just the idea of being uncontrollably bound, inexplicably deprived of your basic sense, hearing and sight deprived… Wondering if the next sensation will be a soft touch or a slap, where it will land… The thought of the unknown, handing over time and space, that I will direct as I see fit. Where you become my play thing and underling, to keep and watch and demolish as I see fit.

Just the idea of being uncontrollably bound, inexplicably deprived of your basic sense, hearing and sight deprived… Wondering if the next sensation will be a soft touch or a slap, where it will land… The thought of the unknown, handing over time and space, that I will direct as I see fit. Where you become my play thing and underling, to keep and watch and demolish as I see fit.

Until you are just a quivering piece of flesh beneath me, willing to follow each of My careful commands. Only then will you REALLY know the true pleasure of servitude. And only then can your real training begin. And each time you bow before me I will require you to sink a little deeper, I will take a little bit more. I will chew you up and spit you out into the best version of yourself. Just wait and see…

No Control. No Power.

Princess Bunni


Mistress Jessica’s Adventure: Cum Fuck Me Boots

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There was at least one bright spot to the loss of my sexy Boots.  The exhilaration that I felt knowing that another guy was wearing them and doing no telling what in them made me crazy with  excitement.  I continued to imagine all of the decadent and vile things that a grown man wearing high heeled Boots must be doing in them.  He must be masturbating incessantly; maybe he is actually fucking somebody in them; or maybe he is getting fucked in them.  I couldn’t be sure of the details exactly.

My “Come Fuck Me” Boots were made for one reason only – to provoke a sexual response which they had done quite well for me.  Now, they belonged to another Boot freak. The scenarios that played out in my mind entertained my psyche for weeks as I shopped for a replacement pair.  I did eventually buy another pair of sexy, shiny Boots that were even taller and sexier than my first pair.  But as they say, we never forget our first love. 

This new adventure opened another menu in young Jessica’s cross-dressing journey.  The complexity and the imagination of the role play scenarios that I had created in my mind served to help me through my grief at the time.  Little did I know, but this new revelation also greatly enriched my fetish experience.  My Boot Fetish had originated as a mere visual and tactile stimulus, yet looking at and touching the Boots was enough to make me cum. Without the physical touch available, my adoration began to evolve into a complex interactive love affair for Boots, cross-dressing in general, and the behaviors associated with such taboo topics.  Essentially what began as a still life photo was growing into a full fledged movie.  When I looked at my soft porn, or was lucky enough to see a woman wearing Boots in public.

I began to see more than just a sexy pair of Boots, I wanted to know what the Boots would say if they could talk….and in my mind the women who were wearing the sexy Boots were broadcasting what they intended to do in those Boots when they got home.  I began to imagine how much power these sexy leather-clad predators exerted on their prey when they seduced them in the bedroom.  Oh, I wanted that power!      

I desperately needed to expand my fetish wardrobe.  But my budget was small, my range of travel was limited by two 26 inch bicycle wheels, and I felt very self conscious buying things at the same store near my house.  So, I tried to take advantage of every opportunity that presented itself to me.  Luckily, one afternoon my mother handed me a ten dollar bill and asked me to pick up a few things at the department store.  I added the money for a pair of black fishnet stockings, and somehow lost the receipt on my way home.  with a roll of vinyl black electrical tape and a shiny black garbage bag I created Jessica’s first vinyl dress.  It matched the shiny black stiletto Boots perfectly, and the fishnets made the ensemble breathtaking!  Jessica was back and even bolder than before, and Jessica’s Boots had quite an exciting story to tell about loads and loads of cum deposited on them, followed by loving adoration and care to clean them properly.                

Mommy and Adult Baby Fun Time!

Once you’re all dressed up, I am is going to walk over to the toy chest and pull something out very special for you. I did a little shopping and picked up a toy that I know you’re going to love so much! Look at my 9 inch life-like strap on. You are still innocent, for now, but that’s not going to be the case when I’m done with you. You look a little scared, but don’t you worry. I’m going to take such good care of you. I may get a little excited ,but you trust Mommy don’t you?

You need to take your diaper off now, little adult baby. Don’t worry! I’m not going to hurt you. When I first start pushing my strap-on inside your adult baby opening, it might hurt just a little, but you will start to feel good soon! You trust your mommy, don’t you? I’ll go slowly at first, but I’m probably gonna get excited and start going harder.

Are you ready for an adventure with your perfect Mommy Domme Kim?

Mommy Domme Kim


Mommy Domme Kim

My Journey As A Cross-Dresser: The Hiding Spot

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…I wouldn’t consider my mother to be nosy, but she seemed to be aware of nearly everything that was going on around our home.  For that reason, and the fact that I shared a bedroom with two older brothers made the possibility of keeping my Boots at home out of the question.  I thought and thought about the solution, and the answer came to me the following day as I was riding to pick up my papers.  My daily route included a secluded, wooded area that I rode through to eliminate about a half of a mile of street riding.  In the woods was a very large oak tree that had a pile of old lumber and a sheet of metal that was once a tree house.  I decided to temporarily put the Boots under the sheet metal protected against the sun and the elements.  Before too long that area of the forest became Jessica’s personal dressing room.  I would eventually prance around in spandex hot-pants, nylon stockings and of course my sexy high heeled Boots.  But the first day I left them, I could hardly concentrate at school.  What if someone found them?  I rushed home that first day, and quickly changed, and rode to my destination.  I pulled back the metal covering and there they were…shining bright and calling me to slip them on.  Of course I had no control over my immediate erection and within seconds, I was standing naked from the waist down in my kinky, “Come Fuck Me” Boots.  Almost as quickly as my cock became hard, cum shot everywhere.
I put the Boots back in their place, dressed very quickly and rode to the drop point.  I felt a little silly being 30 minutes early to pick up my papers.  But the down time gave a chance to think.  I was not pleased with the dirty pile of refuse that my Boots were hiding in.  I needed something that would keep them clean.  There was an old drywall bucket with a lid in the garage at home.  I would clean it out and make it my fetish tabernacle.  An old, but firm sheet of plywood soon became Jessica’s stage.  The sound of heels clicking on the wood was riveting.  Life was good for a few months, as Jessica practiced her swish and sway on a daily basis.  Then, one afternoon my heart nearly stopped beating.  The drywall bucket was laying on its side, the old worn out nylons were laying on the ground beside it, but the hot-pants and Boots were gone.  I looked around everywhere for them and after about 15 minutes realized that somebody stole my fetish Boots.  And then something happened that I did not expect.  My cock swelled with blood at the thought that another man was wearing my size 11 shiny Boots.  Maybe I was not the only boy in the world who found Boots to be irresistible.  Maybe a hunter found the stash and grabbed them for his wife….No, he is probably wearing them right now and masturbating load after load.  Yes, that is the story that I am going to believe.
I never did know what happened to my Boots, but I did imagine several scenarios.  While I cannot be sure of any event that I did not observe, I am nearly certain that a perverted grown man, who has a wife and kids, found the Boots, got so aroused that he took them.  They are now in his garage under some old rags and he puts them on and walks like a hooker.  He has a full length mirror in his garage and he looks at himself as he masturbates over and over and over…  Sigh

Tranny Mistress

My Journey As a Cross-dresser: Boot Addiction

My Journey As a Cross-dresser: Masturbating In Sexy Women Boots

I had absolutely no idea why a pair of high heeled Boots had that much power over me; and I had absolutely no resources available to research this phenomenon.  All that I was certain of was that I was addicted to and completely powerless to the perverse effects of my fetish.  At 15 years old I would have sold my soul to the devil to have a pair of shiny stiletto Boots.  I would have committed to a life of servitude or even given up my first born child for a single night in a sexy pair of shiny Boots.  Yes, I was hooked, like a drug addict and unable to stop. I knew that sooner or later, I would be discovered.  I just could not predict the time or the place.
Well the time was about 4:00 in the afternoon.  It was at Bill’s house down the street from me after school one day.  Bill asked me to get a board game from his sister’s bedroom closet upstairs.  I had every intention of getting the game and returning promptly.  But when I opened the closet door, there on the floor lay the most beautiful, shiny lace up Boots I had ever seen.  I couldn’t help myself… as I put them on, I immediately felt my cock swell followed by a steady stream of warm cum running down my leg…. and then the post-climatic bliss that follows… and then Bill saying “what in the hell are you doing?”  I gave him some lame excuse for my behavior, but I am sure that he didn’t buy my story.  What could I say.  I was a teenage boy wearing a shiny pair of high heeled women’s Boots with a load of sticky cum everywhere.  I left and nothing else was ever said about it again.  But our friendship did begin to wane, and we drifted apart as we attended different high schools by then.
I wish I could say that was the first and last time I was caught in an embarrassing fetish faux pas, but there is much to tell…

To Be Continued