Louisville's Dungeon


What Is Our Style Of Play?
Erotic to Extreme
What are your privacy measures?
Privacy and discretion is our top priority. Our clients are either married men/women or people in prominent positions and do not want anyone to know what they are into. You don’t have to worry about us disclosing anything that goes on in our sessions. Do you work with clients who are new to BDSM?
Yes! We love to work with new subs. I am gentle to the beginners and will work with your limits.

Do you take on new clients?
Yes. New clients have to go through the screening process and  pay a non-refundable deposit that will reflect from the total tribute.

What do you expect from me when coming into a session?
Hygiene and appearance is VERY important to us. We expect  subs to have impeccable hygiene and personal care. You are expected to come to each session showered and well groomed. Sloppiness is disdained and NEVER EVER EVER accepted. We want you to be able to submit and serve. Be obedient and open-minded. Willingly and knowingly, you crave this behavior, the pain, the pleasure, and the heart-pounding excitement!  

Do you do short notice sessions?
Yes.  A minimum of 2 hr prior notice is required before each session. If there isn’t a scheduled appointment at the time you request it. Sessions are usually by appointment only.

Do you take pictures or video of your sessions?
The only time pictures or video is taken in a session  at the request of the client. Privacy is a high priority for us. 

Do you work with other Dommes/Doms or Subs/Slaves?
Yes.WE have great relationships with other Dommes/slaves. If you would like to have another dominant, male or female for a session, that can be arranged.

Can I request an outfit/wardrobe or toy for a session?
Yes. . If WE do not have what is required for a session you will have to buy it and gift it to The Playhouse after the session.Do you barter in exchange for sessions?
Absolutely Not!!

Do you see couples?

Where are you located & Do you travel?
I service the KY/Indiana  area. Our Sessions are usually held in a private setting.  However, We do travel. If you would like to serve us in person but live outside the KY/Indiana area, you can come to us or we will come to you at your expense.

What are your limits?

  • Sex With Me
  •  Beastiality
  • Children

If I did not answer a question you may have please include it in your application or send an email !

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