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Welcome to my page! I am the Head BD/SM Dominatrix Mistress at The Playhouse of Domination anda lifestyle sadistic Mistress and a welcoming pan-sexual. Born and raised in New York City, I left the concrete jungle to travel abroad and serve the United States Army.

Why I created The Playhouse of Domination

I created The Playhouse Of Domination a few years ago, to give a safe and discreet place for the curious, seasoned and novice. I have an insatiable taste for the culture and wanted to create a play space for it. Four years with the Military, has constructed Me to be a disciplined and conditioned Mistress and I knew I could take on the challenge. Having 20+ years of experience in BD/SM, I have learned to become patient. I have learned to become patient because I have seen the type of judgement many fetishist and kinksters endured and how their sexuality being judged throughout the years. After being in Louisville for a few years, I wanted to create something specifically for women, men, binary & non-gender binary persons like myself with a fixation, craving, obsession with a particular object, or body part, etc. I believed Louisville kinksters needed this!

I have mentored and coached many couples who entered this BD/SM lifestyle of debauchery throughout the years. Are you’re looking to top, bottom, switch, or learn new skills, I am up to sharing my knowledge with you.

I offer:

  • Private one on one sessions, couples, and to groups with real information that helps you be safe and skillful in your play!
  • Presenting skills in a way that makes sense for the needs of the class/lesson and try to meet the student(s) at their skill and comfort level while being honest, genuine and informative.
  • Private photography sessions for women, men and couples who just want to express themselves with clothing that they always wanted to wear.
  • Are you looking to spice things up? Wanting to try something new? Perhaps you just need a few pointers on things you already know or you’re totally clueless on. Where ever you fall on the kink spectrum, I’d be happy to guide you to where you will have the extra spice you always was curious about.

Kink Coaching

Explore BDSM with your partner and get some practical hands on knowledge.

Relationship Building

Need some guidance on the turbulence you’re experiencing? Let’s try to sort it out.

Serve a Mistress Together

Give yourselves over together in servitude and let me take control.

Explore Your Fantasies Together

Explore your fantasies together, whether they are mild or wild.

Specialize in: 

Rope bondage, Corporal spanking, Forced bi, Forced orgasm, Forced cross-dressing, Sissy training, Sissy humiliation, Sissy husband, Slave training, CEI, SPH, Humiliation, Public humiliation, Hypnosis, Extreme CBT, Chastity training,  Blackmail/findom, Full toilet training, Mental domination, Obedience training, Fire-play, Electro-play, Mean Mommy (ab/dl), leather/latex worship, Boot fetish, Objectification, Pet play, Abandonment/neglect fetish, S&M, Cashmeets, role-play,etc

4 reasons why you should come to The Playhouse Of Domination:

  1. Professional Dominatrices who are experienced in many Fetishes
  2. Discreet, safe, and reliable
  3. Cross-dressing, Transgender, and LGBQ friendly
  4. Simply the best in Louisville Kentucky

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2 thoughts on “B Domme C

  1. I’m still reeling over my first meeting with Mistress B Domme C. As a first timer I had no idea what to expect. Despite not touching myself even once I had been leaking precum most of the day in anticipation of our session and I was not disappointed.

    She was quite pleasant, respectful, understanding and very laid back. Don’t get me wrong, she was definitely in charge and I knew that from the moment I walked in the door. But it wasn’t anything she did to establish her dominance. No gimmicks or stunts. Rather, her natural personality just commanded the room and my full attention. I immediately felt like I could put my life in her hands and trust that she would take care of me.

    Since I was new she gave me some brief but poignant instruction. I felt happy to obey her every command because all I wanted to do was please her. I don’t think I’ve ever leaked so much precum in my life as I did during my visit. I was in a state of ecstasy most of the time I was there. I hope I did please her and make her happy. That was all I cared about doing. Hopefully this is the beginning of something wonderful.

  2. Mistress,

    Thank You for all that You have taught me about myself and how to give myself to such a beautiful person, inside and out. You are an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. Long may the Blackberries rule!


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