Miss Nikki


Age: 30
Height: 5’9″
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Dimensions: 40D/34/48
Shoe/Boots: 10
Sign: Capricorn

I am succulent, sexy, and can become very sadistic. As a natural dominant, I knew what submissive men wanted, Me! With my voluptuous figure, killer legs and an intelligence to mind fuck wimps, I began my journey to have men kneel before me and wait on all my commands.

I also have a sensual side and that what draws men to me. They have wives or girlfriends who don’t recognize their submissiveness or their need to serve. To be controlled and forced by women like Me.
will have you begging for more of my control. I will creep into your mind so you may tell me all of your dirty little secrets. I love secrets! I will use them to remind you that I am in control! To keep you in constant fear! I will have you wrapped around my little finger. You will be in fear. You will beg me not to tell your wife or girlfriend who will never think that you will confess your dirty sins to a seductive Mistress.
Prepare yourself to indulge in a seductive, yet fulfilling atmosphere with classic domination, invasive mind-fuckery, and tantalizing BDSM that will have you begging me for more!

Sissy slut femdommeBig Breast MistressSmotherBox Loser boysissy slaveFemdomme Miss Nikkinikki444

FindommeSexy MistressNikkkknikki444FB_IMG_1499088524093FB_IMG_1499088514720FB_IMG_1499088506819FB_IMG_1499088539135doll8doll4doll13Cocksucking sissydoll1nikki44Sissy Training




Extraordinary Online Shopping



  1. Miss Nikki,
    People should definitely book You. You are the most versatile Domme I’ve ever known and can rock so many different scenes. Something for everyone. You put so much time into making the scene just right that I’m sure everyone will enjoy the investment they made in You.


  2. Mistress Nikki was incredible. She took control easily for our first session together and challenged me the whole time. I look forward to attempting other scenes in future sessions that will test and expand my limits. I would defiantly recommend her for newbies and experience players alike.


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