Mistress Sophia

Submit. Serve. Repeat.

Age: 33
Height: 5’4″
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Dimensions: 36C*32*36
Shoe/boots: 6/7
Sign: Libra

I am not taking clients at this time. Sorry for the Inconvenience. Please take a look at the other Mistresses who are also very well talented!

Are you just simply tired of being on top all the time? A desire that burns within you to be submissive? Let go, embrace yourself for an ultimate submission experience. I demand to be in control while exploring your mind to give you the best experience yet!

Imagine a scene such as this: You come to me naked and exposed waiting for my instructions. You will be ready to be used for my pleasures. Whether that be pain, pleasure or a sadistic mix of both. You will be blindfolded and led inside my dungeon. Your cock and balls will be tied as I force you to fuck yourself with a toy as I please myself. You will not see me. Just hearing me moan in lust and pleasure. Once I am satisfied, I will slowly take your cock and balls to new heights of pain. YOU will endure all. Once I am satisfied, you will be rewarded for your devotion.
I am Mistress Sophia. Book your session today!!

Specialized in: AB/DL, Age Play, Body worship, Ballbusting, CBT ( mild to extreme), Confessions, Electro Play, Forced Bi, Interrogation, financial domination, T & D, mummification, bondage, smoking fetish, JOI, Sissification, Ball Busting, Anal Stretching, SPH ( small penis humiliation), Foot and Body Worship, Consensual Blackmail, Facesitting, Tease & Denial, Smoking fetish.
I also love role-playing. It can be a blast with the right person. I love the little world we can create and escape to, and I have so many costumes from Naughty Nurse to school teacher to Catwoman, Catholic nun and so much more! Just please no elaborate scripts! I prefer a premise where we can take it and run with. I am a Mistress, not a puppet.

I enjoy sessions that are adventurous. I like doing things in public, outings, weekend-long adventures with Mistress friends and slaves.

I sometimes engage in things that are taboo, extreme, and forbidden. Sometimes that demon needs to be fed.

If you are unsure if I do your activity, it doesn’t hurt to ask.
Or I might be able to point you in the right direction otherwise.


Whips and Chains


Extraordinary Online Shopping

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  1. Simply put Mistress Sophia is intoxicating. i have served her three times with each session being more intense and exhilarating. Mistress’s voice is alluring yet sultry, her appearance more stunning than her photos, and a wicked yet at times compassionate demeanor. But make no mistake, Mistress Sophia is completely in charge and will push your limits. And to top it off, Mistress loves what she does. If you are looking for a Mistress with a wicked imagination to push your boundaries yet respect limits, look no further – Mistress Sophia is your only choice!

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  2. Today I was a lucky man as I got to spend 2 hours in the presence of Mistress Sophia. As soon as the front door to the dungeon opened I was in awe of Mistress Sophia’s beauty. She took control immediately making it quite clear that she was in charge and I was to do everything she demanded.

    (A few days earlier we had agreed on a session that was to start as a tie and tease, but would later turn into a nipple torture and punishment session when I was to be accused of disrespecting Mistress Sophia by staring at her breasts).

    I had a leash attached around my neck and was made to crawl into the dungeon. I then had my wrists attached to some chains hanging from the ceiling and my legs spread wide apart with a spreader bar. I was completely helpless as Mistress Sophia lit her first cigarette of the session and began to blow the smoke into my face and mouth. I was tickled and teased with a variety of implements including some light electric shocks. It didn’t take long before I started to get aroused, but Mistress Sophia soon put an end to that by securing a clamp like device to my cock and balls. More massage and teasing ensued until suddenly I was accused of staring at Mistress Sophia’s breasts.

    “How dare you disrespect me by staring at my breasts. I’m going to punish your nipples so severely that you will never ever dare to even think about them again”. Mistress Sophia proceeded to torture my nipples with a verity of clamps, pinches and shocks and whipping. I was gagged with a ball gag to stop any potential complaints or requests for mercy. I was also flogged, whipped and paddled until Mistress Sophia heard the groans coming from behind the ball gag. Eventually the beatings stopped and Mistress Sophia removed the gag. I was to be given 20 more strokes and ordered to count and thank Mistress Sophia for each one.

    Eventually my arms were released from the chains attached to the ceiling and I was ordered to lie down on the floor. Mistress Sophia smothered my face so that I could only breathe at her discretion, while she pulled on the clamps that were still attached to my nipples”

    It was a fantastic session and will definitely be making plans to return in the near future.

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  3. Mistress Sophia is absolutely gorgeous and so amazing to have a session with I will definitely be back and hope to see her on a regular she pushed me to the point of breaking and I loved every second of my time with this gorgeous yet strict mistress she also respected that I had to be able to work the next day… And I still had plenty of the feel of the sting as a reminder of where I was… I can not wait until the next session

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  4. I have seen various professional Mistresses over the last 20 years but after having served Mistress Sophia will never give myself to anyone but Her. As soon as I was in Her presence there was no doubt that I was meant to be in her service. I had sent an introductory email to Mistress Sophia and I am not sure if She read it or not, but if she didn’t her intuition on how to control men and push limits was extraordinary. If Mistress Sophia did read the introduction, She read it thoroughly and completely understood how to take my expressed interested experience and take it further. I will be seeing Her again next week and can’t wait to be in Her presence.

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  5. Just wow. Mistress Sophia was fantastic. She really made me feel like a dirty little slut.
    She is also very sexy. She is in great shape, and really allowed me to let go.


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