Princess Sasha

Age: 23

Height: 5’5″
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Black
Dimensions: 34C*30*40
Shoe/Boots: 9
Sign: Scorpio

My interest and involvement in BDSM are both personal and professional. In addition to My time as a Dominatrix, I have 1 year of experience (as a professional) and 5 years as a lifestyle Domme. I live BDSM… Nothing in My life is “vanilla” and I’m very happy that way.

In my School days, I had many loser boyfriends who worshiped the ground I walked on and made them do whatever I wanted them to do. I made them follow behind me everywhere I went, carry my books, buy me lunch, and hold my toilet paper when I used the bathroom while I made straight A’s in my courses! I mind-fucked many other boys so I can get my way and what I wanted.  I was very confident then, and I am still very confident now in anything I do!

I’m passionate about BDSM and I’m also intelligent enough to know that there is value in the experience I can provide. I practice safety now in my professional life ( I don’t kick boys in their chest with 5-inch heels anymore).  I precisely plan and execute art in my BDSM sessions, so that each one is unique.

Specialize in: Ballbusting, nipple torture, Potty Play, Corporal whippings, pony play, breath play, financial domination ( online Only), sissy play, and more!

  Photo Gallery   

Cruel Princess

Shoe/Foot/Leg/Pantyhose Photos


Smoking Fetish


Smoking Fetish






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  1. Princess Sasha was utterly magnificent. She is much prettier than the photos here do justice.
    Words cannot describe the cathartic release I felt on the St. Andrews Cross as she gave me what I so desperately needed.
    All of my worries from work simply melted away as Princess Sasha used me.
    Highly recommend!
    Stayed away from my hard limits, and indulged my preferences to the nines.
    Did I mention her killer legs? Simply fantastic.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I had such an amazing sissification session with Princess Sasha. She was nurturing and a great teacher, but stern when she needed to be. She put me in my place as a sissy, and helped me realized my place as such. I’d happily session with her over and over!


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