Bondassage is a journey for the senses through the exploration of submission, mild to wild sensation play, deprivation of the senses, and complete and total surrender of self before another. Light Bondage … Sensory Deprivation … Full Body Sensual Touch and Sensation Play …

BDSM (Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism) has been kept in the shadows for eons.  Often, it is through exploring and embracing the Shadow side of ourselves that we find Transformation and Healing. Bondassage is a perfect gateway for anyone who has ever been curious about BDSM, submission, power and surrender,  bondage, sensory deprivation, and any other aspect of control relinquishing play. Each session is tailor made to speak to your own personal desires, and all acts that occur are completely consensual. You will explore sensations of all kinds, and the more open and receptive you are to our touch, the better the session will be!


The Mistresses at The Playhouse will take you on a journey of sensation surprises. You may be a seasoned traveler in the BDSM realm but wanting something different, or you may be brand new and want to be introduced gently to percussion play, sensation exploration, and bondage. Either way, we can create a Bondassage session that best suits your needs. We’ll take you toward your known (and sometimes unknown) desires in an environment that is safe, and full of surprises!


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