Chastity and chastisement, is a match made in heaven.

If your lifestyle permits, chastity may be a chosen method of punishment for any significant misdemeanours on your part.

Some would say that this is a very severe form of punishment, being namely the denial of masturbation. Well it depends on what the crime is! We are a believer that the punishment should fit the crime, and the greater the crime, the longer the chastity will be in place for.

We have different styles of chastity device. So far, we have 3 in total, which means that we can have up to 3 naughty individuals in chastity at once…

Depending on the situation and the mistress mood, she will secure the individual with either a numbered plastic padlock for removal in an emergency, or a steel padlock that cannot be removed without her or the key! If the plastic padlock is removed without her authorization, then she hit them where it hurts, in the wallet of course! A fine will have to be paid without exception or excuse.

We enjoy the begging letters, calls, text, emails and personal visits. We also welcome all the bribes offered too, each denied of course until we are satisfied that penance has been paid – or that the bribe is just too good to turn down. After all a Mistress is allowed to make certain exceptions…

1 Week in Chastity = $300

2 Week In Chastity = $550.00 ( Includes one 30 min visit with the key holder).

30 day in Chastity = $1000.00 ( Includes two 30 min visit with the keyholder).