Tribute ( price change will occur 5/1/19)

If we have session before you may see us for one hour as long as you give adequate notice.

$ 325
One and a half hours with us is perfect for those that take a little longer than one hour to get going, but two hours is still too long.
~Complete Privacy and Total Discretion~

2 HOURS *Best offer* 

Great for “First Timers”, Novices and even Hardened players.  Two hours gives us time to relax and explore a few more interests and get to know you better.
~Consensual Play~

Perfect for those that want to fully immerse themselves into our fetish world. We’ll have all the time we need to explore the innermost recesses of your mind.
~Total Immersion~



Sensory deprivation can be achieved with four hours of time, bondage enthusiasts will love how this allows them to slip away into subspace. 

~Sensory Deprivation

Five Hours is great if you just can’t get enough kink! This amount of time also allows for the possibility of a public excursion or two!
~Public Role Play~


 Six hours allows us to delve deeper into your fetish interests. Sissy training or cross dresser transformation with full makeup is also possible.

~Full Transformation~

Roleplay outside The Playhouse: 
additional $75

 ( if outside of louisville, additional $2/mile added to the $75)*

 ( Updated 11/16/18)
SKYPE sessions are fun and fulfilling! Mistresses  are available to watch you humiliate yourself!
   $75 for 30 minutes*
$150 for 60 minutes*
Max 2 hours per session