*Prices will Change for Derby Week

Regular Domination: $225/hour*
Additional hour: $200*
Overnight: 8 hours $1500/12 hours-$2000*
Golden and Brown Showers : additional $125 on the hour *
Cuckold Session:  $350/hour
Roleplay outside The Playhouse:  additional $75 on the hour ( if outside of louisville, additional $2/mile)*

Special Introductory session  to BONDASSAGE: $200/hr- $100/hh*
Shower/oral hygiene: $0 ( Included in domination session if needed)

Chastity Sessions*

( Updated 3/3/17)

Skype sessions are fun and fulfilling! Mistresses that are available to watch you humiliate yourself are:

       Skype Handles         

Mistress Sophia

B Domme C

Alpha Bull Master

Mistress Nikki

Mistress Jessica16

$75 for 30 minutes*

$150 for 60 minutes*

Max 2 hours per session

Dial 502*883*1143  
Talk to your Mistress of Choice Today!