• 1 HOUR


    If we have sessioned before you may see us for one hour as long as you give adequate notice, Newbies will initially be required to submit for two hours.

    ~Fully Stocked Dungeon~


$ 325

One and a half hours with us is perfect for those that take a little longer than one hour to get going, but two hours is still too long.

~Complete Privacy and Total Discretion~


Great for “First Timers”, Novices and even Hardened players.  Two hours gives us time to relax and explore a few more interests and get to know you better.

~Consensual Play~


$ 650
Perfect for those that want to fully immerse themselves into our fetish world. We’ll have all the time we need to explore the innermost recesses of your mind.
~Total Immersion~

 Sensory deprivation can be achieved with four hours of time, bondage enthusiasts will love how this allows them to slip away into subspace.
~Sensory Deprivation~

Hours is great if you just can’t get enough kink! This amount of time also allows for the possibility of a public excursion or two!
~Public Role Play~



 Six hours allows us to delve deeper into your fetish interests. Sissy training or cross dresser transformation with full makeup is also possible.
~Full Transformation~


The daily rate consists of anywhere from 8-12 hours of playtime. Actual time depends on the nature, severity, and physicality of the session itself.
~A Full Day of Play!~

 Cuckold Session:


Are you a Cucky? You would love the selected Mistress’s Bulls. Well-hung and great bodies! You will not be disappointed! 

~ Chastity Available~


Additional $100

Add to ANY regular priced session

Roleplay outside The Playhouse:  

additional $75

 ( if outside of louisville, additional $2/mile added to the $75)*

 ( Updated 9/7/17)

SKYPE sessions are fun and fulfilling! Mistresses  are available to watch you humiliate yourself!

   $75 for 30 minutes*

$150 for 60 minutes*

Max 2 hours per session


Dial 502*883*1143  
Talk to your Mistress of Choice Today!

Phone Domination

15 Mins


Phone Domination

30 minutes


Phone Domination

60 mins




 Don’t feel bad if WE ask you to pay a deposit, EVERYONE has to do it!
There are several ways that you can pay the deposit, the easiest way is to click the button and send it HERE


The alternative method is to go to CVS or Walgreens and purchase an Amazon gift card in person with cash then scratch off the “claim code” area on the back of the card and send us those numbers through text or email, we’ll load them into our account and you’re all set!

The amount of the deposit will be subtracted from your total tribute amount. $50 is the normal amount unless instructed otherwise!

Pay Deposit By Amazon amazon-com-logo