About US

Sexy, sensual, and sadistic professional Dommes/Doms of Louisville, Kentucky created  The Playhouse for their pleasure! Every session and experience with the Mistresses/Masters is customized which is appealing to both the seasoned BDSM warrior and those new to the experience.
If you are familiar with BDSM and submission, our playhouse will put a new level of depth and expansion to your experience. There are different forms of discipline that are used in our sessions varying from erotic to the extreme. Fetish exploration, bondage, submission and more can all be experienced in a safe and energetically sacred space.

” We like to Dominate and we love being served. Live out your fantasy and submit to us. We will take you on an unforgettable erotic adventure! “

We are still rebuilding in our new location. We ask that you excuse the construction that surrounds the Playhouse.

The Mistresses