Applications For Clients

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**Completely and honestly fill out the application.  It may take UP TO 24 hrs to go over your application and verify you.

Our House Rules

Our Rules are quite simple. In addition to any pronouncement or decision We make at any time, We expect ALL slaves and submissives to follow Our Rules, Directions and Decrees without hesitation.


If you book a session with any of us,  you must keep the appointment or phone and cancel it. If you don’t stick to this rule then we take it as a personal disrespect to us and you will never ever be allowed to session with us.

Courtesy and Etiquette for when first introduced into Our Presence:

We expect the slave to stand and greet us with a gentle shake of the hand. After, the submissive will follow suit.
You will refer to any of the Mistresses as “MISTRESS” at ALL times.
We allow our submissives the privilege of an informal chat and consultation before the session commences. ALL fetishes and fantasies need to be delivered succinctly and you MUST be clear about what you like and dislike.

If you struggle to do this, feel free to write these down prior to your appointed time. We may decide to complete a slave questionnaire during the consultation.
You MUST be clean and presentable upon entering Our premises.

Shower facilities are available before your session. If you know in advance that these facilities will be needed, arrive 15 minutes early. Uncleanliness will not be tolerated – this includes fresh smelling breath and that your hands and nails are thoroughly clean.

Worship will NOT be allowed under any other circumstance!

We expect slaves to relate how they like to behave in session during the consultation. We want to know whether you enjoy verbal interaction or whether you prefer to be silent unless spoken to. Either is acceptable. Sometimes quietness and non-interaction can be construed as you’re not enjoying the session, which can make the session more difficult for your Mistress.

Courtesy and Etiquette during the session….

Again we expect to be addressed as “MISTRESS”  at ALL times.

It shows respect and reverence on your part.
We expect slaves to give some feedback during their session. This may be exhibited through body language, moans and groans, flinching, sighing, crying or laughing, as well as ALL other forms of communication.

Even if you are an introverted individual who likes to relinquish total control to their Mistress, We require some kind of interaction and expect the requisite skills learned for future visits. This enables your Mistress to understand if SHE is going in the right direction or not. We believe that this input from both parties is invaluable to making a successful session.

If you do not wish to have any interaction at all during the session, this MUST be clearly related during your consultation.

After the session, we will entertain the slave for a 10 minute review period. Shower facilities and refreshments are always available before you arrive and leave.



WANT USED ITEMS FROM ONE OF THE MISTRESSES?  Use one of the email addresses listed above of your mistress of choice. Request an item (panties, pantyhose, shoes, etc) and they will inform you of prices and availability!
Want Fetish Videos? Request a custom video by sending an email to the Mistress/Master you are requesting from.