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“The Mask Masquerade” Derby Week Dungeon Party!

About this Event

The Mask Masquerade” is a our first fetish wear / Dungeon party. Dress code: vanilla outside and inside be as kinky/fetish as you like (we recommend it!). Latex, rubber, leather, PVC, Wet look, Lace, corsets, catsuits, etc. whatever you have in your kinky closet. Wear it! If you don’t have either that’s ok as well.

You may change inside if you wish. Nudity is allowed inside. Remember to wear a mask!! 21+ only, and ID is required at the door. This night is where you can get a chance to explore, play, or just watch. The PlayHouse of Domination consist of 2 dungeon playrooms, an erotic room (aftercare), detention room, and a medical room. Full kitchen with refreshments and a bathroom. RSVP is mandatory.

At our dungeon party, you may act out certain fantasies in these rooms or just watch others. We will have Professional Dominatrixes on site if you are looking to have a special session with everyone in the room watching (additional cost). Ooh, That’s kinky!

Party starts at 8pm. NO ONE will be admitted after 9:30pm without permission or without a confirmed RSVP.

dungeon party encourages fetish wear, but black is always acceptable. Pick and nibble foods and a punch will be provided. Please bring your own toys and your own drinks. Respect the privacy of others. No always means no.

Femdommes are there to act as DM’s (dungeon monitors). Usually this will be the hosts or anyone I assign to assist. They will keep an eye on things and make sure nothing spoils your scene . Their word is final!! If you see something that you think is excessive or unsafe, do not interrupt the scene, see the Dungeon Monitors.

Thank you for not smoking in the house. There is a smoking area in 3 locations.

Photos may only be taken with permission from the subject.

Always practice safe, sane, and consensual (SSC) BD/SM practices!!

Any questions please feel free to contact us @ 502-365-4481 or email: zinamead@gmail.com

Derby Week BDSM Kinky Party

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