” Let me just say that BDommeC was absolutely AMAZING! I have fantasized about visiting a Domme for years and have always flaked out and canceled the day before. This time I convinced myself that I had been convicted of a petty crime and had been sentenced by the courts to attend a punishment session to avoid jail. I had no choice this time. Upon looking at BDommeC’s gallery on the website I knew she was the one I wanted to report to. She was very easy to communicate with scheduling and working out the details of the scene I had in mind. I arrived at the address given and knock on the door. When mistress opened the door I could not believe what a beautiful and towering lady stood before me. She was very nice and so soft spoken as she confirmed that I had been sent to the punishment center to fulfill my sentence. My stomach was in knots as I paid her the ‘court ordered’ fees for my visit. I was excused to the bathroom before we began. When finished I was told to follow her into her amazing dungeon. She quickly ordered me to stand before her as she took a seat in her comfortable leather chair. My knees were knocking and I was shaking like a leaf as mistress read over my crime details and scolded me for being so irresponsible. I was informed that since I was classified as a criminal that I had to be searched before we started. “Take your shoes off!” was the order I was given. As I removed my shoes and placed them to the side as instructed I noticed that her eyes never left me. Piece by piece I was ordered to take off my shirt, pants, watch, and socks while she made critical comments about my body as I removed the requested items. I now stood before her trembling in my just my underwear which was my last stitch of modesty. “Remove your boxers” were the words that sent chills down my spine. I lowered my head and hooked my thumbs in the waistband and lowered and removed my underwear before placing them with the rest of my discarded clothes. ” I stood before her completely naked and ashamed. Mistress scrutinized my entire naked form and performed a cavity search before ordering me to the cross. I was bound and punished harder than I ever thought possible. She took me to the edge repeatedly, but finally I had went too far and lost my seed. Mistress was very disappointed and ordered time to consume my accident. I was told that I was to report back for the second half of my punishment as she pushed the button on her electric taser and mentioned the word strapon. . I can’t wait to return. Definitely the best experience ever. All my limits were respected and the scene we had agreed upon was followed nicely. Highly recommended”. 
Wreckless Driver 😞 

Cavity Searched!!

I visited the playhouse recently.  It was everything I expected during my stay there.  Both Mistress Zena and Mistress Sophia had me begging and worshipping them.  I can’t begin to explain how deserving of servitude and worship both of these beautiful, sexy Mistresses are.  They took me beyond my own self described limits while I thanked them both for it.  Thank You Mistress Zena!!  Thank You Mistress Sophia!   I will be returning to kneel before them again.
    I enjoyed your servitude. Such a good boy!
    Mistress Zena  
  • You were awesome! You obeyed every command. Such a pleasure to have you in my dungeon. I want to see more of you!
    Mistress Sophia 

Begging To Worship Them”

“Five stars are not enough to rate Mistress Sophia!  She is bossy, haughty, imperious and totally in control, and yet warm and nurturing!  Serving Her is an amazing experience!

” Serving Her Is Amazing!”

I recently ventured out and saw Mistress Zina and Mistress Sophia. I had had experiences with another Mistress in the past, but mostly sensual in nature…this was a departure from my past experiences. I relayed my thoughts and desires and they were received and respected. I felt comfortable in being open to new experiences and care was taken to ensure those experiences were safe and within limits. I look forward to new experiences and exploring desires not yet fulfilled!”

Dominated By Two Dommes”

“Sophia was wonderful yesterday was my first time and it was awesome. Thanks Sophia!” Brian

” Awesome”

” Wow just wow, today I had my first session with Mistress Zena, communicating early she was so responsive and informative. She started off by commanding me and explained how the session would proceed. From there it was heaven on earth! Making me feel the exact level of pain and pleasure that I have ever wanted. Pushing me to my limits but always backing off of the hurt grew to much. You can tell immediately the level of experience she posses. I came to please and I did, she rewarded me. I hope to come back one day, after this amazing experience.” 

“Heaven On Earth”

dying to serve Mistress Sophia

” Dying To Serve!”

” Once in a great while you stumble across simple and pure excellence and you obtain memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.  That was the case here.  My experience as a bad boy who needed a good spanking could not have been better.  The location was nice, the dungeon was clean, and there were plenty of tools of the trade.  My mistress was pretty, firm, strict, and she picked up on my role play, my medical condition, and the colors of my soon to be red bottom.  This was perfect in every way.  Thanks!.

Perfect In Every Way!

“Had a session tonight with Miss Nikki, she was amazing. I was a first time newbie but she made me feel comfortable. I was honestly pretty nervous but I couldn’t have asked for a better time. Miss Nikki had the perfect balance between sadism and sensuality. I can’t wait to book another session!”

“Miss Nikki Is Goddess!”

  • I had a specific roleplay fantasy and Mistress Sophia fulfilled it like a true professional and skilled dom. Appointment set up was precise and the session started exactly on time. She is beautiful, with some of the best legs I’ve seen. Accommodating but always in control, her words made me shiver with excitement. It was a wonderful experience in a safe clean environment. The best fetish session you’ll find in Louisville by far. 5 stars for session here!

” 5 Stars”

“Princess Jada is mean, yet sweet! she definitely made me submit and push me to my limits. i will see her again. Thank you Princess!”

” Cruel!”

“Mistress Sophia is the best anyone with a fetish i recommend her highly she is strict but also nurturing made me feel wonderful can’t wait to get back she was my mistress mommy can’t say enough about her and she is very very hot”.  

“She Is So Hot!!”

Miss Nikki= Amazing!
“Was passing through and felt the urge for some play, was interested in a session with Miss Nikki so I shot her an email. Quick reply led to an exchange that allowed a time slot for me to stop in and see her. Had no idea what do expect, and let me tell you, was pleasantly surprised! Walked in to Miss Nikki in full Somme attire that left me in awe; beautiful curvy Goddess with eyes that pierce right through your submissive soul. She immediately took control and I could not possibly have loved the session any more. The dungeon is nice! Fully equipped and she had everything needed for a great experience. Can’t wait to see her again when I pass back through!”

” Miss Nikki=Amazing!”

“I met Mistress Sophia for the first time.  Wow is all I can say….very intense session, left me wobbling back to my car.  She was brutal and sensual all at the same time.  She exceeded my expectations!  Thank you Mistress!


“I have had two sessions with Mistress Sophia and I can’t wait for my next. She is strict and sensual, and so beautiful. Sessions are always on time and the dungeon is very clean. I am a newbie to this and I feel like she has done a great working with me. I highly recommend Mistress Sophia.”

“She Is Beautiful!”

“I had a great bad boy spanking session with Mistress Sophia today. I have had many spanking sessions with many disciplinarians, mostly in domestic discipline settings, but Mistress Sophia showed me that a bit of domination could add to the experience. She displayed great enthusiasm (even broke a couple of implements) which was exactly what I needed.” 


Thank You Mistress!!

“Mistress Sophia really delves into bringing your fantasy to life.  She puts in the effort to make your session intense and satisfying.  Mistress Sophia is a stunningly beautiful woman with grace and style.”

Grace And Style!

” Mistress Sophia really delves into bringing your fantasy to life.  She puts in the effort to make your session intense and satisfying.  Mistress Sophia is a stunningly beautiful woman with grace and style.”

Fantasy to Life!

” Today I had the pleasure of my 3rd session with the beautiful Mistress Sophia. It was completely amazing. At times I was shaking all over, very intense, but also very sensual and brought me right back when I thought I couldn’t take anymore. I have only had 3 sessions, but hope I have many, many more with her. She is bringing desires out in me that I didn’t think existed, I am new to this. She is completely great with me. Cant wait for my next session!” 

“Can’t Wait For The Next Session!”

“B Domme C is BOSS!”
    I am Boss! Love making slaves/subs my little bitches!
    B Domme C

The Boss!!

“Another great session with Mistress Sophia today. A little bit of electro play and spanking amongst other things, all made another fantastic session. She is awesome all all she does. Cant wait for another session with her. I can still feel her presence with every move I make!” 


” Had a wonderful time on my first visit though I sort of pissed Mistress B domme C off from the get go. (Come better prepared for your visit with the Mistress or you will get a painful reminder on your way home) ~rubs bottom in memory~ Any one considering visiting, will find it well worth the cost”
-sissy amy

Don’t Be Late!

” My very first and never to be the last with Mistress Sophia today. i consider myself well travelled and experienced with Prodommes, but i got my world ROCKED today! pay attention to the time zone or ur ass will be as sore as mine! damnit, Nashville to Louisville is a time zone change. i have never been in a more realistic role play as the one I experienced today. Mistress Sophia is without a doubt the best at role play! i began to believe the scenarios She created as if it happened! if you want the real thing then go no further than Mistress Sophia”

“Got My World Rocked!”

I had seen Mistress Zena, and had the most wonderful time. Unfortunately, she has moved on (Your paddle whore wishes You well, wherever You are!)
So, I contacted Mistress BDommeC, but was a little unsure of how I’d respond to the “butch” thing.  But on I went, and guess what…  the “butch” thing was just fine!  I saw her and Goddess Rena together. Mistress B was very in charge, and very dominant, and very much awesome.  That Lady opened my eyes!  She is very tall.  She is very strong.  She reddened my butt, and about the time I’d be begging for mercy, she switched gears and claimed my ass.  What a roller coaster!  What a night.
If anyone reading this has the same reservations I had…  Plunge ahead…  You will definitely learn something!
Thank You, Mistress.  You are amazing, both of You.  I’ll be back…  I know who owns this sore, used ass”.

My My My!