My Journey As a Cross-dresser: How It All Began

Hello darlings! I want to talk about cross-dressing. First, I will tell you how it all began with me…

Thirty years ago, I was home alone and saw that my sister had a new pair of shiny stiletto boots, in which was calling my name, laying around in the living room. At the time, I already had a very strong fetish for high heel boots ( via looking at dirty magazines) and decided to answer to the teasing shiny boots. I picked them up and began to shake due to the excitement that was arousing from within. I tried them on and zipped them up. “Oh my”, I whispered to myself. I pranced around until my sister arrived. I hurried to put them away. I was hooked. The rest of the day all i could think of was to wear those shiny stiletto boots. I simply could not get enough of them! I counted the days and hours until I could be home alone with the ” shiny boots” again…

According to recent studies, nearly 33% or 1 in 3 american men can be considered crossdressers. They have dressed in some type of women clothing at some point in their life. In addition to this, It should be noted that frequency of cross-dressing does not correlate directly with the intensity of the phenomenon either. There are cross-dressers who dress daily. Some once a week, a month or even a year!

So, I look forward to sharing my story in the blogs coming up! There is much to come because I have lots to say. Until next time, tell me your thoughts!

Mistress ” CD” Jessica

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