I Am Your Goddess

Bunni Knox The Playhouse of Domination
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Would you want to feel the overwhelming endorphin rush of true submission? Knowing you are dominated by the beautiful hands of a true Goddess. Ready to mold or destroy you…

You must earn the right to true submission.

You must earn My respect before I will even consider offering my dominance.

Rules to consider before submitting to me:

My time is to never be wasted. 

 I do require sacrifice.

You may sacrifice comes in many forms. I must see it flow from you truly before I will give you what you want, the pleasure of dominating you. Your happiness within servitude.

I want to see you suffer for ME as I take control of your worthless cock.  I will take over your mind and watch you helplessly submit to me.


I demand it. I will demand more and more of it during our session.

My precious time and touch will come at a great cost. It is only within that cost that you will see your GREATEST reward. A genuinely ravishing smile as you kneel before Me or a slap to the face, or…

Anyway, I can not wait to see you rush in to serve Me.  I am your Goddess. The Goddess you’ll want to see over and over again.

Princess Bunni Knox


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