Mistress Mia

 Age: 34
Height: 5’5″
Eye Color: Blue-Green/Grey/Hazel
Hair Color: Black
Dimensions: 32B*25*35
Shoe/Boots: 8
Sign: Sagittarius      Smoker: Vapor

“A truly EXOTIC Experience” Mistress Mia is not your typical Latin Mixed Dominatrix.
Mistress Mia treats her clients with a combination of erotic BD/SM and consistent punishment mixed with Latin spontaneity and a volcanic temperament.
Don’t make a mistake with Mistress Mia’s instructions. You’ll have this gorgeous petite driving her heels into you while berating and humiliating you in serenity! 

SpecialtiesTease and denial, Role-playing ( teacher/student,  nurse/patient, kidnapping/interrogation, etc), Forced-intoxication, Weight Training, Forced workouts, Forced-Fem, X-Dress Play (including panty bois), Mixed bondage wrestling, Restraints, Spankings, etc

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One thought on “Mistress Mia

  1. Hello mistress i am a 47 year old Male that is very interested is things like crossdressing forced bi and open to try anything. May I ask if this is something that will make you happy


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