Music To My Ears…

“Thank you Goddess Rena.” That was music to my ears!

As I whisper into the ear of my first strap-on taking peasant, I could feel the heat radiating off his ass from where Mistress B domme C warmed that tight ass up. At this moment, seeing the distress in this sub eyes gave me a rush and a desire to make him feel my passion for dominating him. As I caressed his ass with my tip of my fingernails,  I raised my paddle and inflicted an orgasmic pain that he’s always needed from a Goddess like myself. He received 10 lashes. He thanked me for each one. I could hear him gasp after every lash, with his breath getting heavy as he forced the words “ Thank you Goddess Rena”, the mix of heavy breathing and gratitude made my pussy wet.  He was a bad boy all day and I assisted in giving him his punishment. It was what he deserved!. I was more than happy to inflict power and pain onto his white ass!


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