My Boi Tois

One of my good and loyal clients came to visit me last night. Oh, how I love when he come to see me! He is one of the few that takes my pain. He greeted me with a hug. “Now, drop to your knees and properly greet me”, I commanded him. He did as he was told and begin kissing my shoes. “Thank you B Domme for allowing me to come before you and serve”, he whimpered. My boi tois, submissives and slaves love to serve ME. Why?! I train them just like I like them: To be obedient, full of servitude and loyalty. Once you are hooked into my web of insatiable debauchery, there is no escaping!! I like to use my slaves tongues as brooms and mops, licking debris from my shoes, spit from my mouth, and cum from their dicks. I use my toys at will, playing with them each until I get bored and on to the next one. I am rough with my boi tois. I am like a little boy with his toys, use them, bang them, and toss them away waiting for the next new toy to arrive. As all toys, they wait for you to come back to play with them.

I am looking for my next toy! Do you want to play with me?

B Domme C

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