My Journey As A Cross-Dresser: The Hiding Spot

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…I wouldn’t consider my mother to be nosy, but she seemed to be aware of nearly everything that was going on around our home.  For that reason, and the fact that I shared a bedroom with two older brothers made the possibility of keeping my Boots at home out of the question.  I thought and thought about the solution, and the answer came to me the following day as I was riding to pick up my papers.  My daily route included a secluded, wooded area that I rode through to eliminate about a half of a mile of street riding.  In the woods was a very large oak tree that had a pile of old lumber and a sheet of metal that was once a tree house.  I decided to temporarily put the Boots under the sheet metal protected against the sun and the elements.  Before too long that area of the forest became Jessica’s personal dressing room.  I would eventually prance around in spandex hot-pants, nylon stockings and of course my sexy high heeled Boots.  But the first day I left them, I could hardly concentrate at school.  What if someone found them?  I rushed home that first day, and quickly changed, and rode to my destination.  I pulled back the metal covering and there they were…shining bright and calling me to slip them on.  Of course I had no control over my immediate erection and within seconds, I was standing naked from the waist down in my kinky, “Come Fuck Me” Boots.  Almost as quickly as my cock became hard, cum shot everywhere.
I put the Boots back in their place, dressed very quickly and rode to the drop point.  I felt a little silly being 30 minutes early to pick up my papers.  But the down time gave a chance to think.  I was not pleased with the dirty pile of refuse that my Boots were hiding in.  I needed something that would keep them clean.  There was an old drywall bucket with a lid in the garage at home.  I would clean it out and make it my fetish tabernacle.  An old, but firm sheet of plywood soon became Jessica’s stage.  The sound of heels clicking on the wood was riveting.  Life was good for a few months, as Jessica practiced her swish and sway on a daily basis.  Then, one afternoon my heart nearly stopped beating.  The drywall bucket was laying on its side, the old worn out nylons were laying on the ground beside it, but the hot-pants and Boots were gone.  I looked around everywhere for them and after about 15 minutes realized that somebody stole my fetish Boots.  And then something happened that I did not expect.  My cock swelled with blood at the thought that another man was wearing my size 11 shiny Boots.  Maybe I was not the only boy in the world who found Boots to be irresistible.  Maybe a hunter found the stash and grabbed them for his wife….No, he is probably wearing them right now and masturbating load after load.  Yes, that is the story that I am going to believe.
I never did know what happened to my Boots, but I did imagine several scenarios.  While I cannot be sure of any event that I did not observe, I am nearly certain that a perverted grown man, who has a wife and kids, found the Boots, got so aroused that he took them.  They are now in his garage under some old rags and he puts them on and walks like a hooker.  He has a full length mirror in his garage and he looks at himself as he masturbates over and over and over…  Sigh

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