Naughty Boy Get Disciplined!

Upon entering The Playhouse, he smiled knowing he was going to get the punishment he deserved. He was a naughty boy a week prior to the session. He has been looking under the co-workers skirts, masturbating to porn, flirting with bystanders and even groping the flight attendants on the day of his arrival. I smiled along with him. Not because it was funny, but I knew what was in store for him. Goddess Rena was in attendance and she was very pleased to co-top with my naughty sub!

I placed him over my knee and warmed his ass with a hand-spanking! He moaned and shivered as my hand licks vibrated into his redden cheeks!

” Mmm”, he moaned. I continue to warm his cheeks from my hand to an OTK oak wood paddle.

” Oh Mistress”, he jumped. I held him down with my arm as I begin to bring the pain. I could feel his small cock getting hard on my leather pants.

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” Up”, I demanded him. I quickly grab some hemp rope and bonded his legs. I grabbed each of his arms and chained them over his head. I grabbed a fistful of his hair and used the stingy snake tongue paddle that hung on the wall behind me. up went the paddle and down came the sadistic lashes on his already reddened ass! Each lash came down harder than the previous lashes.

” Oh Mistress Thank You!”, he yelped.  After 30 minutes of  corporal punishment, I unhooked him from my chains and bent him over the spanking bench. I pulled out my strap-on that carried a length of 8-inches and a girth of 2-inches. I pounded his sweet little ass until I was pleased!

My naughty boy became a good boy as he kissed my black leather boots and thanked me for every moment of my sadistic punishment he received!

Hey M, when you arrange to come back to The Playhouse ( which should be soon), tell me how naughty you’ve been! I am sure you would be pleased with my corporal punishments!

Mistress B


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