My Sissy “FemBot” Human Doll

I have always been fascinated at the look of dolls at a very young age. My favorite was the porcelain dolls. Yes, the creepy ones that maybe your mother or grandmother had! Then, the fascination went into obsession as I grew older.

Now, I have found the time to make my very own doll! This is my first one I have attempted to make and I have succeeded! I have programmed it to always say ” yes” and ” I am a slut!” That’s right a fucking sissy slut fuck doll. This doll is bendable, useable, and it can also swallow cum! As I type this…. I am generating many ideas for my doll.

“The main reason I love dollification, is because, when you dress them and play with them and manipulate them, it builds a unique connection between me and my partner. It’s hard to compare to anything else you do in a BDSM relationship.”

Schedule your appointment today! “Being used and fucked like a sex doll is so much fun.”

” Come on Barbie, Let’s party!!”

B Domme C