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Let me just say that BDommeC was absolutely AMAZING! I have fantasized about visiting a Domme for years and have always flaked out and canceled the day before. This time I convinced myself that I had been convicted of a petty crime and had been sentenced by the courts to attend a punishment session to avoid jail. I had no choice this time. Upon looking at BDommeC’s gallery on the website I knew she was the one I wanted to report to. She was very easy to communicate with scheduling and working out the details of the scene I had in mind. I arrived at the address given and knock on the door. When mistress opened the door I could not believe what a beautiful and towering lady stood before me. She was very nice and so soft spoken as she confirmed that I had been sent to the punishment center to fulfill my sentence. My stomach was in knots as I paid her the ‘court ordered’ fees for my visit.


“Order Of B Domme C”

“Met with Mistress Sophia earlier today for the first time. Utterly fantastic!  Beautiful, demanding, sensuous and cruel! Certainly at least equal, truly superior, to any domme you might find in NY, CHI, SF, LA or elsewhere. She is world class.  I will see her as many times as she permits it.” 
Rob a month ago

World Class!!

” I had a session with Mistress Sophia today and it was exhilarating. She brought me to my breaking point and then allowed me to recover only to use me in a different yet sensual and sinister way. I will definitely return as a repeat offender. She took the information I gave in the application and ran with it in an incredibly professional and knowledgeable manner. She owned me physically and mentally and by the time the session was over it felt like no time had passed and forever all at once. Definitely worth it if you’re curious!! An immaculate space and ambiance as well”.


“She Owns Me”

” I saw mistress Sophia today.   What a treat!  I was put in my place the moment she let me in.   She took me to places I had only dreamed of before.   It was a great experience and I will be repeating with her”. 

Very Dreamy!