My My My!

I had seen Mistress Zena, and had the most wonderful time. Unfortunately, she has moved on (Your paddle whore wishes You well, wherever You are!)
So, I contacted Mistress BDommeC, but was a little unsure of how I’d respond to the “butch” thing.  But on I went, and guess what…  the “butch” thing was just fine!  I saw her and Goddess Rena together. Mistress B was very in charge, and very dominant, and very much awesome.  That Lady opened my eyes!  She is very tall.  She is very strong.  She reddened my butt, and about the time I’d be begging for mercy, she switched gears and claimed my ass.  What a roller coaster!  What a night.
If anyone reading this has the same reservations I had…  Plunge ahead…  You will definitely learn something!
Thank You, Mistress.  You are amazing, both of You.  I’ll be back…  I know who owns this sore, used ass”.