Goddess Elena,
Thank you so much for today.  It has been a while since I have visited a pro domme and you did not disappoint.  I thought you were beautiful in your pictures, but you are even more stunning in real life.  Today was great and just what I needed.  Finals for school are coming up, along with my competition, so this really helps deal with the stress of it all.
As for the session itself…I really enjoyed the first part of the session.  I had never experienced wax play before so that was a nice introduction.  I expected it to burn much more, but it was more of a hot sensation rather than a burn (if that makes sense).  The impact play felt pretty nice (in a painful way) and you probably could have gone a bit harder, but that was probably my fault (I feel like I wasn’t giving you too much feedback).  I really like how you had that rope tied around my neck.  I am not really sure what you did, but it felt really good.  
Thanks for taking the time to read this.  It was great meeting and sessioning with you today.  I will probably be up for another after the holidays if you are as well. 
Thanks again and have a great Thanksgiving!