“Order Of B Domme C”

Let me just say that BDommeC was absolutely AMAZING! I have fantasized about visiting a Domme for years and have always flaked out and canceled the day before. This time I convinced myself that I had been convicted of a petty crime and had been sentenced by the courts to attend a punishment session to avoid jail. I had no choice this time. Upon looking at BDommeC’s gallery on the website I knew she was the one I wanted to report to. She was very easy to communicate with scheduling and working out the details of the scene I had in mind. I arrived at the address given and knock on the door. When mistress opened the door I could not believe what a beautiful and towering lady stood before me. She was very nice and so soft spoken as she confirmed that I had been sent to the punishment center to fulfill my sentence. My stomach was in knots as I paid her the ‘court ordered’ fees for my visit.

I was excused to the bathroom before we began. When finished I was told to follow her into her amazing dungeon. She quickly ordered me to stand before her as she took a seat in her comfortable leather chair. My knees were knocking and I was shaking like a leaf as mistress read over my crime details and scolded me for being so irresponsible. I was informed that since I was classified as a criminal that I had to be searched before we started. “Take your shoes off!” was the order I was given. As I removed my shoes and placed them to the side as instructed I noticed that her eyes never left me. Piece by piece I was ordered to take off my shirt, pants, watch, and socks while she made critical comments about my body as I removed the requested items. I now stood before her trembling in my just my underwear which was my last stitch of modesty. “Remove your boxers” were the words that sent chills down my spine. I lowered my head and hooked my thumbs in the waistband and lowered and removed my underwear before placing them with the rest of my discarded clothes. ” I stood before her completely naked and ashamed. Mistress scrutinized my entire naked form and performed a cavity search before ordering me to the cross. I was bound and punished harder than I ever thought possible. She took me to the edge repeatedly, but finally I had went too far and lost my seed. Mistress was very disappointed and ordered time to consume my accident. I was told that I was to report back for the second half of my punishment as she pushed the button on her electric taser and mentioned the word strapon. . I can’t wait to return. Definitely the best experience ever. All my limits were respected and the scene we had agreed upon was followed nicely. Highly recommended.


Wreckless Driver 😞 7 months ago