Here’s what clients have to say about us…

” I saw mistress Sophia today.   What a treat!  I was put in my place the moment she let me in.   She took me to places I had only dreamed of before.   It was a great experience and I will be repeating with her”. 

Very Dreamy!

I had seen Mistress Zena, and had the most wonderful time. Unfortunately, she has moved on (Your paddle whore wishes You well, wherever You are!)
So, I contacted Mistress BDommeC, but was a little unsure of how I’d respond to the “butch” thing.  But on I went, and guess what…  the “butch” thing was just fine!  I saw her and Goddess Rena together. Mistress B was very in charge, and very dominant, and very much awesome.  That Lady opened my eyes!  She is very tall.  She is very strong.  She reddened my butt, and about the time I’d be begging for mercy, she switched gears and claimed my ass.  What a roller coaster!  What a night.
If anyone reading this has the same reservations I had…  Plunge ahead…  You will definitely learn something!
Thank You, Mistress.  You are amazing, both of You.  I’ll be back…  I know who owns this sore, used ass”.

My My My!

” My very first and never to be the last with Mistress Sophia today. i consider myself well travelled and experienced with Prodommes, but i got my world ROCKED today! pay attention to the time zone or ur ass will be as sore as mine! damnit, Nashville to Louisville is a time zone change. i have never been in a more realistic role play as the one I experienced today. Mistress Sophia is without a doubt the best at role play! i began to believe the scenarios She created as if it happened! if you want the real thing then go no further than Mistress Sophia”

“Got My World Rocked!”

” Had a wonderful time on my first visit though I sort of pissed Mistress B domme C off from the get go. (Come better prepared for your visit with the Mistress or you will get a painful reminder on your way home) ~rubs bottom in memory~ Any one considering visiting, will find it well worth the cost”
-sissy amy

Don’t Be Late!

“Another great session with Mistress Sophia today. A little bit of electro play and spanking amongst other things, all made another fantastic session. She is awesome all all she does. Cant wait for another session with her. I can still feel her presence with every move I make!”