The Dungeon


The Dungeon



Dungeon Rental

All Items in dungeon may contain the obvious, such as floggers, whips, crops, leather and wooden paddles, rattan and fiberglass canes, and wrist/ankle shackles in leather and steel, spreader bar, weights, blindfolds and gags, cbt devices, nipples clamps of varying intensity, leather hoods, violet wands, chastity devices, hemostats, leather restraints, including arm binders and straitjackets.

  • Our dungeon furniture includes a bondage table, spanking horse, Throne, X- cross, stocks and Dental Chair . 
  • Classroom/Board Room for Role-play 
  • Medical Room (Coming Soon)
  • Refreshments such as bottled waters, seasoned crackers, etc

Bathroom are equipped with all amenities: mouthwash, combs, toothpaste,toothbrush, hair dryer, hand sanitizer , and extra towels.

“Red Room”

This dungeon room is our introductory room. It features a X-cross, head stock, A chaise, throne with platform, Large Mirrors. It is in dim lighting with tamed candle burning to start the mood right. In contrast, the shiny chains hanging from the ceiling and throne platform puts you immediately into submission. Toys Included: Floggers, junior whips, bamboo canes, crops, canes, nipple clamps, fire station ( fire wands, candle holders, rubbing wintergreen alcohol, hair mouse, towels, etc)

“Blue Room”

Dark and eerie, this small dungeon room features a suspension bar connected to a winch (holds up to 600lbs) to give mobility to the bonded person. A bondage table w/ratchet straps to hold down the most squirmish person. A bondage chair, large mirrors, spanking bench and toys such as : cattle prod, bull whips, Anal training kits, multiple dildos, sex machine, sounds, anal spectrum, vibrators,hemp rope, straight jacket, multiple masks, paddles, drildo, penis pumps, gags, tasers, inflatable anal balloons, CBT humbler, ball stretchers, CBT parachute, and more!

“Purple Room”

This dungeon room would be considered the “love room”. It is a softer approach to BDSM. For couples who are looking for adventure for the night of a few hours, this is the room you would want to indulge in! It features a full size bed, chain canopy, paddles and floggers, handcuffs, bed restraints, swings, hookah, latex sheet set, mirrors, etc 

“White Room”

(still in remodeling status)

Our state of the art dental chair used in this medical room is surrounded by medical equipment such as dental gags, dental tools, blood pressure cuffs, hemostats, needles, thermometers, anal probes, wands, respirator, anesthesia, sounds, catheter, diapers, enemas, laxatives, and more! This will definitely cure that lip/tongue/teeth fetish itch you’ve been fantasizing about.


Detention Hall”

This classroom is set for naughty and misbehaved pupils.  Spanking paddles, yardsticks, mouth soap, crops, canes, slippers, birch, dunce hats, time-out corner, spanking bench, rope and a teacher’s desk can all be used this classroom bondage/discipline setting. Ouch!

*We are currently expanding the dungeon in order to cater to your fantasies better than ever before.

At our dungeon you can expect new and improved spaces which are currently being renovated. 

It also includes street parking, bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, hardwood floors, mirrors, and air play speakers for music in every room.

**Please note that no illegal activities are allowed on premises and all play is safe, sane and consensual between adults of legal age.

The Playhouse Of Domination is available for private rental to artists, couples or groups seeking to refine their skills and explore unconventional relationships in a clean and safe environment. If you have an inquiry or comment, please send an e-mail to BDommeC  @

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Private Rental FAQ

How much does The Playhouse room rental cost?

$100 an hour for 4 people or less 

$125 an hour for groups of 5 and over.

Do I get to use the entire dungeon with my rental?

Yes, all rentals are for private, exclusive use of the entire play house.

Can I pay you to clean?

Yes, a $60 cleaning fee will be applied to your total (advance notice required).

Respectful treatment of the space is expected at all times.

What is the capacity of The Playhouse?

Max Capacity is set at 20 people.

How do I get started with my rental request?

Fill out the rental form and wait for approval.

Once approved, instructions will be given on how to confirm the reservation.

How do I confirm my reservation?

Confirmation requirements include signing an online waiver and making a payment within a given time frame.

How do I pay you?

A list of payment options will be included in your invoice.

What is your cancellation policy?

A 24 hour cancellation notice is required in order to receive a refund.




Overnight Rental


12 hours of private, exclusive rental time for groups of four and under.

A QUIET rule is in place between midnight and 5am.




Outside Rules

(Let’s keep neighbors happy!)

Do not block anyone’s driveway ever, even temporarily.

Do not loiter outside.

Do not speak in loud voices or engage in indiscreet conversation where neighbors can hear you.

Do not wear inappropriate clothing while outside or in the neighborhood.

Do not have BDSM gear sticking out of your bag while outside or in the neighborhood.

House Rules

No illegal drugs.

No illegal activities.

No non-consensual activities.

No one under 21 years old during play parties.

No play allowed with anyone under the influence of mind-altering drugs.

No screaming or loud yelling.

No unsupervised use of bondage, blindfolds, or gags.

No electricity play (violet wand okay) without permission.

No blood play without permission.

No fire play.

No gun play.

No choking.

No wax play around rugs or without a disposable surface barrier.

No smoking inside. (If smoking outside, dispose of cigarette butts responsibly)

No personal locks on the equipment.


Play Party Etiquette

Thoroughly negotiate safe words or gestures before entering into a scene.

Do not violate expressed boundaries.

Do not disrespect the space or anyone in it.

Do not interrupt or invade the personal space of ongoing scenes.

Do not touch other people or their property without consent.

Do not take photos without consent.

Do not go into closed off areas.

Do not leave the front door open.

Do not go outside without appropriate clothing

When outside keep voices down.

Approach a Host or DM for any questions or concerns.

Cleaning Etiquette

Use the cavicide spray or wipes provided to clean all used and exposed surfaces, including but not limited to; implements, mirrors, floors, walls, furniture, and lube bottles.

Use the condoms provided as a barrier for any non-personal insertables or vibrators.

Use the gloves provided when handling lube or any biohazardous material.

Throw away used disposables in the garbage can provided.

Thoroughly wipe up any floor messes or spills to avoid tracking and falls.

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