Sissy slave Faggots

sissy slave miss nikki

While I have been mostly bed-ridden recovering from plastic surgery, my sissy slaves had made sure I was comfortable and cared for. One was there to clean my wounds, tidy up my room, and give my massages. The other slave hosted a few nights cooking for me and running me to my after surgery appointments. I was able to relax and be a pillow princess, being served like a queen. I also received oral satisfaction whenever I requested with no worry to reciprocate anything. While both of my slaves are “straight” their devotion and adoration to me runs so deep that upon my lax command, my crossdressing sissy slave would fluff the cock of my hung alpha sex slave before he pounded his sissy pussy. A job that I usually strap-up to thrust in and out of. I did not have to do much forcing, just relaxed and coercing so I didn’t have to strain myself. It was a lovely show that my faggot puppets put on for me, for the sissy to be deflowered in my presence. The beginning of more marvelous weekend faggotry to come!!!

To be continued…

Miss Nikki!


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