What is S&M


SM is your new slave, blindfolded, masturbating, and telling her secret fantasies, while you watch and listen to every marvelous detail.

SM is falling asleep with your hands and feet bound – and the dreams.

SM is the gal at the party who asks if she can try on your handcuffs.

SM is the proud African youth in National Geographics, with a skewer through his cheeks, and knowing that you both know what you know.

SM is how hot her ass feels when you caress the welts.

SM is putting up with a picky uncertain submissive, novice-new, who doesn’t know how to say what she wants to say; but finally she gets down to it, and takes your breath away with the magnificent totality of her submission.

SM is all the people explaining why SM is so bad, knowing nothing about it, and you want to giggle, because they’re so serious.

SM is the perfume of sweaty leather.

SM is your fifth anniversary, and all your friends hold and cuddle you while your lover has a professional piercer put a gold ring through your labia. Afterwards she holds you, and you’d do anything for her.

SM is the uniform in your closet, waiting for Saturday night.

SM is being absentminded at work on Monday.

SM is being taken downstairs blindfolded and handcuffed. After you’re stripped and tied up, the blindfold comes off, and you see it’s soundproof…

SM is hurting the one you love, just exactly right.

SM is wondering what your co-executives would say if they knew about the welts and the sticky panties underneath your conservative suit.

SM is wishing you could afford everything at the SM shop.

SM is seeing a branding, done right, and marveling “how easy!”

SM is how good your nipples feel when the clamps are perfect; and then the little bite more, and how your nipples adjust to accept that too.

SM is the humiliation of discovering that your new slave is far more experienced than you are.